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In the creation of artist LU Hang, famous historical scenes have always been presented. The human or animal presence in these scenes clearly reveals the artist's intention to evoke our collective memories. The figure, though once frozen in the past, manages to transcend this past moment to become a memory deconstructed and reconstructed by the artist, then a living moment in the viewer's mind. We detach ourselves from its authenticity, to penetrate a historical "field" and reveal the existence of protagonists reinterpreted by the artist. These scenes that did indeed exist leave their historical moment to extend to the present and acquire a universal significance.

In the works of artist LU Hang, a few details granted by the artist revive our collective memory, they are the painful historical moments that are offered to us to relive. Artist deliberately removes the details of the people in these well-known scenes, he blurs and flattens them, he makes them timeless, and at the same time it can be anyone and anywhere.

In contrast to these cold and severe scenes and characters, artist used extremely vivid and colourful colours. He brings the protagonists back to life and reanimates our memories. He catches the eye of the spectator while pushing him away in a certain absurd and surrealist effect.

Artist LU Hang is one of the few artists born in the 1980s who directly captures the elements of historical images to create. He grows up in Beijing. In college, he has practiced drawing at the Beijing train station for four consecutive years, taking as his models the ordinary people waiting for the train. Among them there were businessmen, thieves, farmers, students, civil servants and soldiers. Since an early age, he followed his mother, a journalist, all over China.He graduated from the Fine Arts School in Sichuan, then from the Fine Arts School in Bourges. He now lives and works between Paris and Beijing.

—— GAO FengFeng Art critic, exhibition curato

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