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About Traces

September 16 - September 24, 2017

Personal exhibition 

Blue Roof Museum,

Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China​

Being in this world, I always feel the presence of another world.



A world that is worldly life within our reach. We are immersed in its daily banality. The other world is the one that exists in our consciousness, reconstituted by the media, by our friends or by the legends of society. It seems to be hidden behind this ordinary world, which secretly governs our reality. It sometimes becomes a wall of secrecy that we only realize exists when we hit a wall in reality. The paintings in this exhibition are my feelings about people and events in this hidden world. I hide specific events. I leave behind the traces of the spirits of those involved as they cross my mind. And in the form of oil paintings, I show these traces in the banal world of our reality. To form another real world of feelings.

Affiche de l'exposition "About Traces" de l'artiste LU Hang

I know that years later these people and events will be slowly forgotten, shunned and distorted by people's consciousness or unconsciousness, and in time they will be distorted, faded, erased into nothingness. For me, these canvases are traces which today seem significant but which tomorrow will seem insignificant. 

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