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L'oeuvre de LU Hang, L'âne 4, huile sur toile

L'âne 4 | 2149 px 3595px | 18112021 22H23

In the exhibition Trouble, the artist, LU Hang, exhibits the original work Âne as well as four process sketches showing different stages of creation. To access the viewing of the sketches, the public is invited to flash the QR code displayed framed next to the original work. This digital bias takes public screens to private web pages. Indeed, these sketch images represent the process of creating the Donkey painting and the timing of the artist's adjustments. It must be noted that these digital images are formed by combining photos of the physical and digital painting. By this gesture, the artist tries to show a version of creation which differs considerably from traditional painting.

As we know, freedom of expression and technological development are driving forces for the advancement of art. From the invention of perspective to oil painting, from the Dutch camera obscura to the invention of photography, until today that artificial intelligence is able to generate images. Perhaps in the future, the identity and legitimacy of art and the artist will even be questioned, deconstructed, redefined, even dissolved. Imagine that our apprehension vis-à-vis humanity and ethics could be reinterpreted. In this context, the artist aims to ask a question through the comparison between the creative processes of oil painting and digital painting: in the face of the imminent era of artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and quantum computing, do they still remain the meaning and the values of Art, always created thanks to the binomial of human intervention and material support? If so, what are they?

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